ust got back from juju & craze at respect. that place was going absolutely off. i still can’t believe the scope of the scene out here. it’s very different from dc; a thursday night drum & bass party like respect draws an absolutely full house. the mc said they had to turn 100 people away, which isn’t a surprise considering how full the place was at midnight and how long i had to stand in line outside. while i was waiting to get in craze and juju walked by, i talked to craze for a moment and told him to do some routines. he said he had a few new ones that he’d play, and he did at the end of the night. craze is craze, and it was awesome, but he had some needle skipping problems. this was definitely the best that i’ve ever seen craze, though. he seems to carry the stigma of being the dj with limitless technical skills, but lacking the selection of some more veteran drum & bass dj’s. now that he’s been teamed with juju and cartel for about a year, he’s starting to get the plot, i think. it’s so much more fun to go to a weekly where everyone is dancing and going nuts rather than going someplace that’s halfway full of people standing around like dc. this place knocks the shit out of anywhere i’ve been on the east coast with regard to night life.

i got my laptop back from dell and got xp pro on it this evening. got the OS installed in record time, ensured that it’s activated this time, and starting installing my core apps. i’m really glad to be back on this, after being on the G5 for a week. i didn’t think that i’d say that, but using a mac and osx really made me appreciate my pc a lot. i think that i attained a good level of familiarity with osx after using it a few hours a day for almost a month, and now i think for the first time i can say that i genuinely prefer the windows/pc interface and operation. the G5 was maxed out as well, dual 2ghz with 1.5gb of ram. it was great at multi-tasking, and like i said before, i love expose, but it still wasn’t as fast as i thought it should be, all things considered.

i was planning on going back to scottsdale tomorrow, but i’m thinking about staying in venice until sunday now. christian got back today, and jackie told me that they’re having his birthday party here on saturday. i wasn’t that interested until he said that 200 people showed up last year, and they also had a successful lingerie party in the spring. these roommates have been 100% top notch all around guys. i really can’t be any happier about how things worked out here in california. i suppose i’m ready for the next chapter, phoenix arizona. i spent a few days there on my way here and enjoyed it much more than i thought i would. this time i’ll have more time to acclimate myself to my surroundings there. hopefully i can get as good a feel for that place as i’ve gotten of venice and of west la (and hollywood). one thing i’ll raelly miss is the night life though, and especially dub club. speaking of which, i listened to jah faiths album that i bought last night and it kicks ass. i’ll have to get esfand a copy of that, i think he’d like it. the cd has a picture of the guy that i bought it from, the 40 year old rasta dude who was blazed out of his mind. he could hardly keep his eyes open.

anyway, it being just past 4:20am, i think i’ll pass out now. i’ll set the alarm on my cell phone so that i don’t sleep until 2pm tomorrow.