went to STA Travel today in santa monica and looked further into finally booking a r/t ticket to hong kong. they quoted me at $750, including tax. seems like a lot, but i suppose that’s a reasonable rate considering that taxes alone amount to $140-$200. i can leave on th e7th though, so that means i have the opportunity to hang out with jason and elaine while i’m there. i’m anxious to go!

had a good time tonight at muse with quix. i couldn’t believe how he talks to his women. he’s really truly the most la-like person i know, and he’s only been here for 3 years. matter of fact, i found out tonight that he’s from vienna.

i picked up a ton of bud tonight! 1/2 ounce of chronic! half of that is going to esfand, hopefully tomorrow when i find something to send it it.