I’ve been in Mei Shan for the last two days for 3 gigs here on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It’s halloween weekend, but in a crowded club there might be 30 people in costume, which I suppose isn’t too bad. I read in the newspaper today that 12 children were trampled in a school when there was an electrical blackout and some of the students yelled “Ghost!” inciting a violent and frenzied dash to the exits.There isn’t a sponsor at these parties, so there’s nothing that they’re trying to sell, which is different. It’s more laid back and casual and less structured. On Friday night they opted for me to hang out with them and drink rather than go back on to play another hour from 1-2am like I was supposed to. Okay, whatever you guys want.

Today they took me to a park where I had tea with them, Brandon, and a pair of Swedish girls. We saw half a dozen or so Chinese people jam out in an outdoor gazebo area, playing traditional instruments and singing. It really sounded more like whining, but I took a video of some of the performance with my camera. Oh, last night I took a video when I was playing which I think turned out well. I help the camera up and pointed to it and everyone went nuts. Now that I have a (another) new domain, maybe I’ll host the file and put a link to it here.

Tomorrow I get back to Chengdu and I’ll meet with a landlord of a new apartment which is right next to where I am now. I’m learning about the flexibility that renters have here which you aren’t really afforded in America, and I’m capitolizing on that to score a slightly larger place to stretch my legs out.

I see my sister in 3 weeks!