Fuzhou isn’t that fantastic; actually it’s almost unbearably humid here, but today was soundly fantastic for a few reasons.

www.mp3search.ru kicks ass. I bought a bunch of mp3’s there for 10 cents a piece, including Gimme That Nutt by Easy-E which I’ve been casually seeking out for a few months.

I bought a new pair of short at Giordano. The place is like a Chinese Gap-equivalent. They seem to copy The Gap in every way possible, from their selection of clothes, to their advertising. As soon as I enter the store I’m harassed by 3 girls all directing my attention at assorted shit that I don’t want or need. I bought a pair of khaki shorts and got the hell out of there as quickly as possible.

The gig tonight was incredible. It being Friday night, Coors hooked it up and made it proper. The place was huge; the second biggest of the tour (the largest was in Guangzhou; I wrote about that here also, probably 6 weeks ago). This place was giant – only one main room, but the ceiling was probably 70-80 feet high. It seemed like about half the size of a Best Buy, converted into a club. The best part was the DJ booth, though. Once I’m in the booth, they press a button and the entire booth is hydraulically lifted up about two storeys high.

When I stepped up they played the Coors theme song and put spotlights on me as the booth was being lifted, it made me feel like Superman except I had clearly sold out to a beer company. Everything worked out well, and afterwards they lowered me down so I could get some more beer. They didn’t think to lift some beer up with me.