Raw Egg Nationalism

These highlights are from the Kindle edition of Raw Egg Nationalism in Theory and Practice by Raw Egg Nationalist.

The premise is simple really, we are nationalists of a variety that emphasize the health and vitality of the nation-state and all who live in it. The corrupted toxic food supply is an outgrowth of the large-scale low-quality mindset of globalism that has no concern other than the bottom line. No loyalty to the health and vitality of the country or anyone in it.

In the name of unimaginable wealth for themselves, just a tiny minority of the world population, the globalists immiserate and enfeeble everybody else; a process that will lead, if unchecked, to a world of cities that resemble the worst of present-day India – shining citadels of the rich surrounded by vast teeming slums of filth – and the replacement of the natural world in its infinite variety and beauty by Frankenstein monoculture and monstrous factory warehouses where animals are housed and processed without a thought for their dignity as sentient creatures, a landscape marred and poisoned by genetically modified crops, pesticides, insecticides and enormous pools of festering animal waste. Nationalism is the only effective way to resist this; anything else seems, ultimately, to be surrender.

In truth, cholesterol is an essential component of the diet; where cholesterol goes wrong is when you consume large amounts of polyunsaturated fatty acids (often referred to as PUFAs) in your diet, which oxidise easily and cause all sorts of nasty cell damage and even cancer. Most importantly of all for us raw egg nationalists, cholesterol is one of the building blocks of anabolic hormones, and that includes the all-important testosterone. The conversion rate of dietary cholesterol to testosterone stands at as much as 10%. Indeed, cholesterol consumption shows a stronger correlation with lean muscle mass increase than protein intake.

The eggs must be raw, because heating damages the cholesterol, making it less readily usable in the body; as long as the eggs are good quality – a point I’ll return to – the risk of salmonella is close to zero.

Of all Gironda’s innovations in the world of fitness, it is the 36-raw-eggs-a-day diet, and the rationale behind it, that most interests us as raw egg nationalists. Again, the key is in the name: the diet involves, quite simply, eating 36 raw eggs a day. Just that number of eggs alone, assuming they are medium eggs, has a volume of 1.5 litres. To make them more palatable and easier to consume, Gironda advocated taking them in three doses of what is essentially a gourmet milkshake, as I like to call it, a kind of anabolic custard: 12 eggs mixed with milk and heavy cream in a 1:1 ratio (referred to as half and half), perhaps with honey or maple syrup as flavouring. That’s a whopping 7.2g of cholesterol from just the eggs, enough to give the average know-nothing general practitioner a heart attack just from hearing about it. Gironda’s claim was that a cycle of these milkshakes – for 36 eggs a day was not to be a constant intake – is a close as the natural lifter can get to a cycle of steroids without taking steroids; off the cycle, the lifter might consume a more reasonable number of raw eggs a day, such as 12 or 18.

The recipe for Gironda’s original shake is as follows:

– 12 whole eggs

– 350ml half and half (milk and heavy cream in equal quantities)

-1/3 cup of milk and egg protein powder

– A banana (to taste)

Vince advocated ‘fertilised’ eggs, which basically meant free-range, not battery, eggs. Of course, as you’d expect, he was aware that the nutritional quality of eggs depends on the quality of the animals that lay them.

When cooking scrambled eggs:   Don’t have the heat up too high. Use a low-to-medium heat. When you add the butter to the pan it should melt and then begin to froth, but not darken. If your pan is too hot, the butter will quickly boil and then burn, leaving horrible black particles in the pan. The eggs, once in the pan, should sizzle and then bubble, but not boil.   Don’t move the eggs around too much. The method I advocate basically involves treating the eggs in the pan like an omelette. Once you’ve poured them in, don’t do anything with them until they’ve formed the beginning of an omelette – i.e. a solid layer – on the bottom of the pan, with liquid eggs on top.

Despite the incredulity of the women in my life, I never get bored of eating the same, simple food every day. Tacitus could have been describing me when he wrote that the ancient Germans, unlike the Romans, were satisfied with simple foods – ‘rustic fruits, fresh meat and congealed milk. They banish hunger without preparation or blandishments’. ‘My ancestor!’

For the Mongols, the lifestyle of the peasant seemed incomprehensible… the farmers’ fields were just grasslands, as were the gardens, and the peasants were like grazing animals rather than real humans who ate meat. The Mongols referred to these grass-eating people with the same terminology that they used for cows and goats. The masses of peasants were just so many herds, and when the soldiers went out to round up their people or to drive them away, they did so with the same terminology, precision, and emotion used in rounding up yaks.

Consider not eating bread as an important part of your revolt against the domestication of the human spirit, which has been taking place since the dawn of recorded history – and still continues apace. Never forget that, while the Lords of Lies want you to subsist on GMO glyphosate bread, maybe with the occasional ‘beyond meat’ soy-slop sausage or insect burger for variety, they themselves will still be dining on the best of God’s bounty – the finest Angus beef, pork from black Iberico pigs, the fowl of the air and the fish of the sea…

The raw egg nationalist will give beer a wide berth. Hops are one of the most powerful phyto-estrogens known to science.

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