The highlights below are taken from The Great Awakning vs the Great Reset by Alexander Dugin.

The main points of the Great Reset are:

• Control over public consciousness on a global scale, which is at the heart of “cancel culture” — the introduction of censorship on networks controlled by the globalists

• Transition to an ecological economy and rejection of modern industrial structures

• Humanity’s entry into the 4th economic order (to which the previous Davos meeting was devoted), i.e. the gradual replacement of the workforce by cyborgs and implementation of advanced artificial intelligence on a global scale

The marker of the globalist agenda is the Jeff Smith song “Build Back Better” (Joe Biden’s campaign slogan). Meaning that after a series of setbacks (such as a typhoon or Hurricane Katrina), people (meaning the globalists) build back better infrastructure than they had before. The Great Reset begins with Biden’s victory.

In his speech on the “new” course of U.S. foreign policy, Biden voiced the main directions of globalist policy. It may seem “new”, but only in part, and only in comparison with Trump’s policies. On the whole, Biden simply announced a return to the previous vector:

• Putting global interests ahead of national interests;

• Strengthening the structures of World Government and its branches in the form of global supranational organisations and economic structures;

• Strengthening the NATO bloc and cooperation with all globalist forces and regimes;

• The promotion and deepening of democratic change on a global scale, which in practice means:

1. escalating relations with those countries and regimes that reject globalisation — first of all, Russia, China, Iran, Turkey, etc

2. an increased U.S. military presence in the Middle East, Europe and Africa

3. the spread of instability and “colour revolutions”

4. widespread use of “demonisation”, “de-platforming” and network ostracism (cancel culture) against all those who hold views different from the globalist one (both abroad and in the U.S. itself).

The new White House leadership not only does not show the slightest willingness to have an equal dialogue with anyone, but only tightens its own liberal discourse, which does not tolerate any objection. Globalism is entering a totalitarian phase. This makes the possibility of new wars — including an increased risk of World War III — more than likely.

Biden and the forces behind him embody the culmination of a historical process that began in the Middle Ages, reached its maturity in modernity with the emergence of capitalist society, and which today is reaching its final stage — the theoretical one outlined from the beginning.

The roots of the liberal (=capitalist) system go back to the scholastic dispute about universals. This dispute split Catholic theologians into two camps: some recognised the existence of the common (species, genus, universalia), while others believed in only certain concrete — individual things, and interpreted their generalizing names as purely external conventional systems of classification, representing “empty sound”. Those who were convinced of the existence of the general, the species, drew on the classical tradition of Plato and Aristotle. They came to be called “realists”, that is, those who recognised the “reality of universalia”. The most prominent representative of the “realists” was Thomas Aquinas and, in general, it was the tradition of the Dominican monks.

The proponents of the idea that only individual things and beings are real came to be called “nominalists”, from the Latin nomen. The demand — “entities should not be multiplied without necessity” — goes back precisely to one of the chief defenders of “nominalism”, the English philosopher William Occam.

“Nominalism” laid the foundation for future liberalism, both ideologically and economically. Here humans were seen only as individuals and nothing else, and all forms of collective identity (religion, class, etc.) were to be abolished.

The philosophy of the new order was in many ways anticipated by Thomas Hobbes and developed by John Locke, David Hume and Immanuel Kant. Adam Smith applied these principles to the economic field, giving rise to liberalism as an economic ideology.

The project of liberation of the individual from all forms of collective identity and “ideological progress”, as understood by liberals, went through another stage. In the 1990s, liberal theorists began to talk about the “end of history” (Franics Fukuyama) and the “unipolar moment” (Charles Krauthammer).

On closer inspection, after defeating the external enemy, liberals have discovered two more forms of collective identity. First of all, gender. After all, gender is also something collective: either masculine or feminine. So the next step was the destruction of gender as something objective, essential, and irreplaceable.

With the success of institutionalizing gender norms and the success of mass migration, which is atomizing populations in the West itself (which also fits perfectly within an ideology of human rights that operates with the individual without regard to cultural, religious, social or national aspects), it became obvious that liberals had one last step left to take — to abolish humans.

The last step left for liberals, who have traveled centuries toward their goal, is to replace humans, albeit partially, by cyborgs, artificial intelligence networks, and products of genetic engineering. The optional human logically follows optional gender.

All who oppose them are, in their eyes, “forces of darkness”. And by this logic, the “enemies of open society” must be dealt with in their own severity. “If the enemy does not surrender, he will be destroyed”. The enemy is anyone who questions liberalism, globalism, individualism, nominalism in all their manifestations. This is the new ethic of liberalism. It’s nothing personal. Everyone has the right to be a liberal, but no one has the right to be anything else.

All opponents of liberal globalisation were logically grouped together, including not only Putin, Xi Jinping, some Islamic leaders, but also — imagine this! — the president of the United States of America, the number one man of the “free world”. This was a disaster for the globalists. Until Trump was dumped — by means of a colour revolution, engineered riots, fraudulent ballot and vote-counting methods previously used only against other countries and regimes — they could not feel at ease.

Not so much Trump himself, but rather his line of opposition to the globalists, has become the core of Trumpism. In his role as president, Trump was not always at the height of his own articulated task. And he was not able to accomplish anything even close to “draining the swamp” and defeating globalism. But in spite of this, he became a centre of attraction for all those who were aware of or simply sensed the danger emanating from the globalist elites and the representatives of Big Finance and Big Tech inseparable from them.

An important role in Trumpism was played by consistent paleo-conservatives — isolationists and nationalists — in the likes of Buchanan, Ron Paul, as well as adherents of anti-liberal and anti-modernist (therefore, fundamentally anti-globalist) philosophy, such as Richard Weaver and Russell Kirk, who had been marginalised by the neocons (the globalists from the right) since the 1980s.

From now on, Trumpism, populism, the defence of family values, and any hint of conservatism or disagreement with the tenets of globalist liberalism in the U.S. will be nearly equivalent to a crime — to hate speech and “fascism”.

We have seen that the entire history of liberalism is the successive liberation of the individual from all forms of collective identity. The final accord in the process of this logically perfect implementation of nominalism will be the transition to posthumanism and the probable replacement of humanity with another — this time posthuman — machine civilisation. This is what consistent individualism, taken as something absolute, leads to.

The Great Reset is indeed a plan for the elimination of humanity. For this is precisely the conclusion that the line of liberally understood “progress” logically leads to: striving to free the individual from all forms of collective identity cannot fail to result in the freeing of the individual from himself.

The Great Awakening is the spontaneous response of the human masses to the Great Reset. Of course, one can be skeptical. The liberal elites, especially today, control all major civilisational processes. They control the world’s finances and can do anything with them, from unlimited issuing to any manipulation of financial instruments and structures. In their hands is the entire U.S. military machine and the management of NATO allies.

Almost all of the giants of High Tech are subordinate to the liberals — computers, iPhones, servers, phones and social networks are strictly controlled by a few monopolists who are members of the globalist club. This means that Big Data, that is, the entire body of information about virtually the entire population of the earth, has an owner and master.

Technology, science centres, global education, culture, media, medicine and social services are completely in their hands.

The Great Awakening is a flash of consciousness at the threshold of the Singularity. It is the last opportunity to make an alternative decision about the content and direction of the future. The complete replacement of human beings with new entities, new divinities, cannot simply be imposed by force from above. The elites must seduce humanity, obtain from it — albeit vaguely — some consent. The Great Awakening calls for a decisive “No”!

Today, the U.S. is essentially in a state of civil war. The liberal-Bolsheviks have seized power, and their opponents have been thrown into opposition and are on the verge of going illegal.

China has taken advantage of the opportunities offered by globalisation to strengthen the economy of its society. But China has not accepted the very spirit of globalism, the liberalism, individualism and nominalism of globalist ideology. China has taken from the West only what has made it stronger, but rejected what would make it weaker.

Among the Islamic countries, Shia Iran and Sunni Turkey are the most in opposition to the globalist strategy.

Russian identity has always prioritised the common — the clan, folk, church, tradition, nation, and power, and even communism represented — albeit artificial, in class terms — a collective identity opposed to bourgeois individualism. Russians stubbornly rejected and continue to reject nominalism in all its forms. And this is a common platform for both the monarchist and Soviet periods.

Russia has never been “just a country”, much less “just one among other European countries”. For all the unity of our roots with Europe, which go back to Greco-Roman culture, Russia at all stages of its history has followed its own particular path. This also had an impact on our firm and unwavering choice of Orthodoxy and Byzantinism in general, which largely determined our estrangement from Western Europe, which chose Catholicism and later Protestantism.

The imperial awakening of Russia is called upon to be a signal for a universal uprising of peoples and cultures against the liberal globalist elites. Through rebirth as an empire, as an Orthodox empire, Russia will set an example for other empires — the Chinese, Turkish, Persian, Arab, Indian, as well as the Latin American, African… and the European. Instead of the dominance of one single globalist “empire” of the Great Reset, the Russian awakening should be the beginning of an era of many empires, reflecting and embodying the richness of human cultures, traditions, religions, and value systems.

The Great Awakening means that we have figured out the essence of that fatal, both murderous and suicidal strategy of “progress” as the globalist liberal elites understand it. And if we understand it, then we are capable of explaining it to others. The awakened can and must awaken everyone else. And if we succeed in this, not only will the Great Reset fail, but a just judgment will be passed upon those who have made it their goal to destroy humanity, first in spirit and now in body.

The content of the Great Reset differs not too much from the content of globalisation, but we need to understand that globalisation is not just a technological, geopolitical or political process but also an ideological process that unites different levels. For example, this means that every country and every society is transformed into the West. That is very important.

It is now clearly and openly totalitarian. Censorship, political repression, killing, fighting, demonisation of the enemy, denouncing all those who are against this as fascists, as maniacs, as terrorists, and dealing with them precisely in that way.

We need to revise, to return to what we have lost at the beginning of modernity. We need to re-appropriate the philosophical treasure of those authors and philosophers and metaphysicians and schools of thought that we have abandoned, and leave behind modernity. I think this is also a feature of the Great Awakening — the return to Plato; the return to antiquity; the return to the Middle Ages; the return to Aristotle; the return to Christianity; the return to traditional religions — all traditional religions. That is traditionalism.

I think the Great Awakening should be an awakening of the spirit, an awakening of the thought, an awakening of the culture, an awakening of our almost lost roots, of our European, Eurasian, Asian or Islamic traditions.

In history we had and still have many opposite issues and conflicts with the U.S. on a geopolitical level. We fight on different sides of conflicts on many occasions. But what is going on in the U.S. now is another question.That is a question of principles. Half of the U.S. is under totalitarian rule by the other half. There has arrived areal left-liberal dictatorship. And in such a situation we are obliged to expressfull solidarity with the oppressed half.

There were no elections this time; there was a coup d’état accomplished by a conspiracy of the illegitimate elites. The American presidency was hijacked. Now the U.S. is under control of an extremist junta. Welcome to Maidan or the Third World.

This is the first time that the globalists have used the same scenario of colour revolution, including a stolen election, fraud and disinformation campaigns, at home. So their face is now fully revealed and clearly seen. Before, they approved such tactics by “American national interests”. Now Americans themselves are victims. It is a logical conclusion. If you start to use lies and violence, there comes a time when you cannot use it anymore — at a certain point, the lies will use you.

We should revise our attitude to technology. Microsoft, Google, Twitter, Apple, YouTube, Facebook and so on are not just commercial — presumably “neutral” — tools. Theyare ideological weapons and machines of surveillance and censorship. We need to destroythem. We need to accomplish the great exit from the technosphere controlled by globalist madmen. The question is whether to dismantle technology in general (the eco-solution, which we should not disregard or decline toohastily) or develop independent networks free from the control of ideologically biased shackles. We can move meanwhile in both directions simultaneously.

After the end of communism and fascism in the twentieth century, liberalism became the only political ideology, which intended to be a kind of universal language — something totally imposed, with the free market, liberal democracy, parliamentarianism, individualism, technology, icon culture and LGBT+ ethics. All that was regarded as universal. And now this universality is ending.

Individualism is the last word of liberalism. So, we need to finish with the concept of individualism.

In order to develop a positive meaning for a postliberal world order,we should recognise this as the main law: all civilisations can establish their own political systems outside any universal paradigm — above all, outside the modern Western political paradigm, accepted or imposed as something universal.Democracy, liberalism, human rights, LGBT+, robotisation, progress, digitalisation and cyberspace are optional. They are not universal values.There are no universal values, except the value upon which all kind of civilisations could agree.

We need to liberate the West. We need to liberate Plato, Aristotle, Graeco-Roman antiquity. We need to restore the dignity of the Christian pre-modern societies — political thought, cultural values, philosophies, metaphysics…We need to restore the heritage of the pre-modern West, which is on the way to being totally cancelled by a new purge from liberalism.

Now postmodern Western education is focused on the total destruction of any kind of Western values.That’s a new barbarism.Liberals don’t bring culture, they bring barbarism.This cancel culture (which includes LGBT+, Black Lives Matter, and other feminist tendencies)is like a call to cancel all other kinds of culture. It is the genocide of the Western culture.

We need to restore the system of self-sufficient agricultural societies based on small villages.The coronavirus lockdown has showed us how important it is to have access to nutrition to satisfy the simplest needs of people. This will be more and more important in the future.

Nietzsche’s words “My brethren, stay loyal to the earth” should be taken into consideration. Because the earth for the people is the being — it is not an alienated substance to be used for material needs.The earth is sacred.