1st of January, 2005. Still hard for me to really realize that I’m in 2005 now. It feels more futuristic, though.

Went to Together as One last night with Cory, Matt, and Kate. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, and I wasn’t even really sure that I was going to by there a week ago. I thought about going to Giant. And about accepting an invitation to Tahoe from Kat. I’d never been to anything that size befeore, that was one of the main draws. I had considered doing drugs, and I ended up doing them last night, for the first time in a few years. The four of us all took e, which turned out pretty sweet. I almost didn’t take it at the last minute, but just said fuck it, if only for the reason that I’ll be in Hong Kong in 7 days. Before going, we decided that we must roll up a ridiculous amount of bud and bring it in, so the the night before, I rolled 8 joint. I downloaded a video tutorial on SA in a joint megathread on how to makea¬† filtered 2 leaves, so i made 4 of those. Because we knew that they’d be searching people, we had extravagant plans for eluding security. We each made paper compartments for 2 joints, sealed with masking tape that would be taped to the inside of our leg. That was my first time doing that, it was pretty fun.

Pretty much as soon as we step into the place we’re thrown into an enormous crowd of people. The main room seemed almost identical to the main room of the DC Armory, but it had colliseum seats lined all around it on second and third tiers which were open to walk around though. We wandered in that place for 15 minutes, looking unsucessfly for the drum & bass area. We actually had to ask people for directions. We finally found it, and it was outside under what looked like a huge bridge. Hive, Keaton, and Gridlok were playing a Violence Recordings tag set which pretty much sucked. Really noisy, not a lot of definition to anything, it sounded very muddy. Left that room to check out Humpty Vission, he was dope. All he seems to be is a Jr. Bad Boy Bill. Doesn’t seem to have any really unique characteristics of his own, but he still does what he does well.¬† At midnight he played a Nirvana remix, and then some other rock remixes. I remember the “woo hoo” song from Starship Troopers, he played a remix of that. At midnight I took my drugz with everybody, smoke a joint, then wandered around, waiting for Photek to get on.

When he steps up, it is true rockstar business. Everyone is cheering and clapping for him. Yeah, this is the part where I start to get pretty fucked up. The next 2 hours were non stop unchained full brock. He was dropping all the new headz tunes, and soon as it’d drop he’d hold up the headz logo sleeve on the air. That makes two times in 2004 that Photek has absolutely destroyed the place. One time I was drunk, the other time I was high and on e. There’s definitely a corrolary.

After Photek, John B got on and played some really weird shit. I’ve come to expect him to play psuedo-80’s and New Wave, but he played a lot of stuff that was really out there. And now his performance includes a lot of theatrics. He lip syncs on stage, dances, motions to the crowd, all while dressed in a black suit with a white tie.

When we left the place, we drove around for 20 minutes looking for a 7-11, but there are none in downtown LA. Actually the location of this hotel kinda sucks – while it’s in downtown, which sounds nice, there’s really nothing in downtown but high rise office buildings. We finally get back to the hotel, smoke the last joint that any one of us has (we went through 7 joints of chronic!), then pass out. Apparently Kate couldn’t sleep and was walking all over the hotel an hour after the rest of us went to sleep.

Today I’m going to get a nice meal. And then go for a swim, followed by the hot tub I think. I wish my ears would stop ringing.