Since the last post I’ve been DJ’ing every night here, the last five in Mang Shi, which is the capitol of De Hong province which borders Myanmar. It’s been a long time since I’ve had shows like this: 10+ in a row, and I’m reminded of the toll that it takes on my body and mind. It’s exhausting and I’ve had to put cotton balls in my ears after the first two nights which left my ears shot. And while Mang Shi isn’t quite as crazy as Rui Li, the people are overwhelmingly friendly and receptive. Lots of silliness like signing autographs and camouflaged guards escorting me into and out of the club (really, I don’t think that’s necessary).

Highlights of the trip:

– playing the ruffest tracks I had to a crazy crowd every night in Rui Li

– drinking fresh lemonade everyday

– meeting Burmese who swam across a river breaching international borders coming into China to get to the show

– the great food and friendly people – the hospitality of my hosts


– getting a cold

– hearing damage after the first two days

– living in a hotel for two weeks

Good game, Yunnan.