Been a week already since I’ve updated the ole’ blog. I just got back from teaching two of my first classes at Shuang Liu. One was a kinder class and the other was a junior class. Both went well, had no significant problems, and even had a little bit of fun. I have favorite students already. I didn’t think it would happen that fast.

My last class was over at 3pm, but I couldn’t clock out until 6pm. I sat around with Terry, the Chinese teacher there, and Cindy (? I think that’s her name) watching the clock tick. The weather is beautiful today and I wanted to leave, so I fashioned a pair of paper clips into crude lock picking tools. I picked the lock on the timecard machine, adjusted the time forward 2 hours, and stamped my card, showing that I had clocked out at 6:08pm. Terry and Cindy stamped theirs also, and I set it for tomorrow at 8am and stamped Cindys. I think just watching me do that might’ve been one of the craziest things either of them had committed themselves to. I’d like to find a good set of proper lock picking tools, and I imagine that sort of thing wouldn’t be too hard to locate here in China.

Sacha is down in Guanzhou, he met with Coors executives last night. He reported that everything had gone exceptionally well, but he wouldn’t have a final answer on the resolution of the contract until Tuesday. I’m not sure what verdict I’m looking for right now, but I’m not entirely committed to either one. If the contract is signed, I’ll leave Chengdu for three months, travel a lot, and hopefully make a lot of money. If it isn’t, I have more time here which is great, but then I’d have to make the decision on whether or not to quit the teaching job. I don’t think there’s much question in my mind over what I’d rather do when it comes to teaching or DJ’ing around China, but there are minor unanswered logistical obstacles.

No matter what happens, I don’t anticipate any significant problems.

The weather is great and life is fantastic.