got a call from Fairfax Cycle yesterday, the bike will be ready to be picked up today after i get off work. looking forward to picking it up and seeing how it runs, because apparently it ran a lot better for them than it did for me. new michelin tires on there as well. i’m feeling the need to get it fixed and get on the road asap since it’s almost july. i know the summer will be over before i know it.

i need to coordinate with kevork today on getting tickets for LA. it’s just over a month away, about 5 weeks now. really looking forward to DMC’s there and just hanging out and having fun since a lot of people i know will be out there, unlike last time i was in LA where everyone i hung out with i met while i was there. not to say that one is better than the other, though. i got pictures of the guitar center battle monday night, too.

currently listening to: the Advantage – Bomberman 2. NES remix business.