Wow, I just got back from the Golden Computer Arcade. That place is UNBELIEVABLE. I was told to go there to check out some computer components and gaming accessories, but I was in no way prepared for what I saw there. I had the address to the place and I was just outside of it looking around, didn’t see anything really that unusual. Went inside this mall, take some steps downstairs, and suddenly there’s a dizzying array of people and computer hardware, software, and accessories. I walk through a bunch of narrow hallways lined with merchandise, the place is absolutely rammed with hundreds of Chinese people, and I see virtually every computer and gaming product that one can imagine on tables, on the floor, on the walls, hanging from the ceiling, etc. Sensory overload – I can’t walk through the place without bumping into 10 people, 2 chairs, a table with DVD-R’s, and advertisements hanging from the ceiling. People are speaking Chinese all around me and I’m the only foreigner in the place. Each booth is either selling games, DVDs/VCDs, computers, or computer or video game accessories. Absolutely anything anyone could want is there, and is pretty reasonably priced. The size of the place was incredible, 2 levels, each of them a labrynth. I got lost more than once, and then found myself in the same place where I was, without even realizing it. I got a voltage converter for my DS, but it fits the mainland China plug and not the HK plug, so I can’t test it here.

After leaving the Golden Arcade I went to an actual video arcade where I played some Sega game called Ghost Scout, I think. You aim and shoot at bad guys with an enormous gun which you hold with both hands, with the butt of the gun on your shoulder. Awesome game, but it only lasted maybe 5-6 minutes ($5HKD each play). Before that I actually played a racing game with another guy. When we were selecting levels he wanted to select the super advanced course with hairpin turns. I opted not and selected intermediate instead, and he follwed suit. He pretty much effortlessly dropped me, and at the end of the race he turned around backwards and rammed me. This was probably the most realistic racing game that I’ve played here (and I would say the most realistic I’ve ever played, if not for F355), so it was difficult.

I’ve been listening to Jasons promotional mix, it’s pretty good. It sounds like late-90’s techstep, but I’m sure it’s all newer material. It’s got that rough-but-funky sound to it which is refreshing after enduring a few years of Technical Itch and the like.

I want to check out Wan Chai now but I’m very sleepy and need to wake up at 9am. What to do? I’ll probably stay in.