so yesterday i was slotted at modern from 9-11. i wasn’t sure what it’d be like because eric is out of town, and i guess he’s the main draw of the place. or maybe that’s really wrong though, considering a lot of people are ignorant of who the dj even is in places like modern. anyway, people start showing up about 10 or so last night, sonny and the lionz warming up. played a bunch of stuff i’ve never played in any club before. lots of 80’s, house, original 80’s into 80’s reworks, etc. some 90’s hip hop, but i knew that geo basically had hip hop completely covered. that girl that i met at dr dremos shows up, sophie is her name. she comes up there with like 4 friends, all women. oh man, it was awesome. i hung out with this group of girls all night. sat in a booth in modern for a while, then went next door to rhino bar or something. the place was alright, but they had $2 pints of yuengling. beats the shit out of getting a $4.50 amstel light at modern. one of sophies friends was real cool and looked damn nice, but apparently she lives in pennsylvania or something. i asked where in pennsylvania and she said something that wasn’t pittsburgh or philly so it went in one ear and out the other. she’s in town for 2 weeks though so i gave her my card on the condition that she calls.

modern was pretty crazy last night though, when we got back from the rhino place modern was packed, but people were still breaking. it was pretty live. oh, and also, i had waay too much to drink. jason and elaine showed up, by that time i was already faded. had two or three beers while i was playing, then elaine bought me a drink, then sophie, then the manager of the club, then i got a pint of yuengling next door, etc. basically, trouble. i took an ibuprofin and made sure to drink as much water as i could hold down when i got home, but i was still feeling not so great this morning.

so, the 4th. i’m not sure what i’m doing yet, but it had better be great. i hope to get some good photos of fireworks, i saw a brief firework photography tutorial online which motivated me into trying it out. looks like all i need is my tripod, a clear view, really large aperture, and something like a 120/60 shutter speed.

work is interesting today because almost no one is here. lots of people took the day off in favor of a four day weekend. that was really actually a good idea which i should have borrowed. too late now. i’m listening to neil armstrong’s mix, bittersweet, again. i’ve listened to this mix like 15 times, i think it’s time to get some new tunes on soulseek.