I just got back from the second gig at Babi this weekend, which went much better than last night.

I was looking forward to DJ’ing there because it was the first Chinese club that I saw when I first came to Chengdu, and since that time I think I’ve always known it as the most crowded and well known club in the city. It’s not very distinct (looking like almost every other club in China), and truthfully, the music is usually terrible there, but at least it’s always crowded; especially on Friday & Saturday. Nemo was there and we drank a lot and hung out for a few hours after the gig which is unusual for me; especially when I’m here in Chengdu, I’m usually ready to go home shortly after I finish playing.

There were plasma TV’s all around the club showing the soccer matches tonight, the highlight of which was I think the England game. The final score was 1-0, which equals super boring to me. Unless the score is like 12-18, watching soccer is like watching paint dry to me. I suppose that must be because I’m American, right?

I met a guy with a pony tail tonight who looked like the Highlander. The most appropriate thing I could think to say when I met him was there can be only one. 🙂