i finally got a hold of the Matthew Dear album that i’ve been looking for.. titled Leave Luck to Heaven. i can’t find my shure e2’s though, so i’m listening quietly through speakers at work. should be some supreme old school, minimal detroit techno. i love that stuff. plus, i can relive the incredible live pa of his that i saw when i was in detroit last may.

i’m looking up airfare for flights to china. elaine said she got round trip airfare to hong kong for US$500. i don’t know how the fuck that is possible. cheapest i can find is just over $400 one way to chengdu. that’s $340 to beijing from los angeles and then another flight from beijing to chengdu for about $80. i’ll have elaine book it for me if i need to, must find cheaper!

i’m talking to mady online over aim about her recent separation from her significant other. she seems pretty bent, but it’s not surprising since she always seems to be in short term relationships, except for the year long one she recently had with jess. i recommended Sea Change to her, since it was so pivotal for me when i split with Kat. i got the recommendation from esfand, which was fantastic. recently i’ve been listening to a previous album of his, Mutations, quite a bit. also really pretty excellent stuff.

i signed up for new auto insurance, this time under Geico. i was with progressive, which sucked ass. need new insurance before i embark on my journey across the country. looks like billy is leaving on the 1st of november, possibly we can coordinate and make the trip together.

currently listening to: Matthew Dear – The Crush