Tonight I popped into Eye-bar to catch up with Brian (DJ Geometrix) for a few minutes before heading to Five to see Friction on 3 decks in the main room at Five in DC. It was the first real drum & bass show that I’ve been to in almost a year, so I’d say it was eventful. I drank a variety of fancy drinks including foreign stuff I can’t pronounce followed by more traditional party spirits like Jagermeister and rum. I ran into Deinfamous, Scott, Luis, Apple, Ali, and a handful of other people that I haven’t seen in a few years, so the two-week DC reunion continued in usual fare. I’m more impervious to drum & bass rhythm than ever before, but Friction played a few choice tunes which I haven’t heard in a while, including Signal. When we left the club my Persian friend Nemo put on his Yassar Arafat headgear and yelled at people out of the window in faux Arabic which made me laugh so hard that my throat hurt. Just before leaving I took 15 minutes to talk to Courtney about her impression of India and that I’m planning on checking it out for a few weeks this year. It’s fresh in my mind because I visited my old office today and caught up with an Indian coworker that I haven’t seen or thought about in a few years. Her nephew is in Goa and she gave me his contact info. Exciting things for the future!

Cici has been trying to negotiate with Delta Airlines for the past few days to get me a ticket to the west coast before I leave with the 100,000 frequent flyer miles she has. I think her confidence is dwindling as she’s finding out that Delta is nearly bankrupt and about to completely go out of business. I’m not sure what to do about it but suppress my disappointment.