Just got back from the MS Club in Chengdu where I had my first DJ gig in Asia. Despite being forced to play on CD players, it was superb.. As soon as the DJ before me finished up everyone rushed the booth, I’m sure just because I’m caucasian. I dropped a rack of classic hip hop; old snoop, biggie, tupac, tribe, nwa, etc. Which of course they aren’t familiar with, so it was fantastic. Made a bunch of connections, now I have a way into any club in this city. One place is looking to hire a resident DJ and said they wanted to make me an offer. Communication was difficult and had to go through a mediator, but it was all very surprising and excellent. I got some photos but haven’t really gone through them.

It being 3:07am, I have a lot more to say than energy to say it. All of the Americans I’ve met here are incredibly shallow and immature. They brag about how many women they’re had and how much they can drink, they’re like members of the fraternity that I never joined. 8 year olds, dude.

When taking a taxi back home after the club, Matt was sitting in the front seat next to the driver, pretty drunk. The driver was talking to other drivers on a CB radio, which Matt asked to use. Shockingly, he let him, and he spoke broken Chinese to other drivers, to which they laughed and called him a foreigner. The priviledges that lao wai get here are incredible.

This afternoon I was with Zach and Josh, and they were trying to promote their night tonight. They had printed up some flyers, which they were trying to distribute, and I was trying to check out areas of the city that I haven’t been to, so we went to Walking Square which is a big shopping district. We passed out flyers while walking around for a few hours, going as far as into womens department stores searching for young, hip, and hot Chinese women. Because Zach and Josh can speak fluent Chinese, they’d say THIS IS THE DJ HE WILL BE THERE, and they would try to speak, but I couldn’t say much of anything.

My Chinese needs to improve, fast. At least now I can order a meal with some competance, count to 100, and negotiate with salesmen.

I’m going to order Serato Scratch. It’s made by Rane and it’ll run me probably $600 including shippinng, but it’s a necessity if I want to pursue gigs over here, which I’ve decided that I do. The conditions are too prime to pass it up.

Time to pass out now.