wow, i had a damn sweet time at modern last night. yesterday afternoon i pretty much knew that i was going, but i wasn’t really enthusiastic about it because i wasn’t sure what it would be like and who i’d go with. i ended up driving up there with kevork.

as soon as we got there kevork got on the decks and was playing straight up funk/soul. he told me there’d be breakers there so somehow i assumed he’d play breaks or something, which is really pretty typical, especially considering that everytime i go someplace i seem to hear 1-2 dj’s play breaks. what he played was different; straight up 70’s jams. he introduced me to this asian guy with a mohawk named sunni.. later i found out that he was the leader of lionz of zion. this is interesting because i saw these guys (they’re a breaker crew) perform years ago at the edge. i knew them by name, and i knew they were the best around, in the area. while kevork was playing there was like 5-6 of them jamming on the dancefloor, doing completely insane moves. i got some photos of them but i haven’t had a chance to check them out yet.

around the time that eric got on (11pm) the place was started to get crowded. 45 minutes into his set the place was a roadblock. i got to know everyone a lot better last night.. i met carlos (quix), the LA DMC finalist, who’s also a trooper. he seems cool to me, but kevork is always telling me about interpersonal complications with him. he wants some portraits taken. i met more people than i can even remember.. at least 10-15 people, it’s been a long time since i’ve met that many people in one night. felt like i was in with a new clique, and everyone was really cool and friendly. lots of asians, lots of philipinos.

here’s the interesting part of the night though, in my opinion. i’ve never seen any dj have more dj hoes than eric does. he has anywhere from 5-10 women on the floor ready to lick the sweat off his sack in an instant. one of kevorks responsibilities is to take these anxious women into the booth and introduce them to eric while he’s spinning.. he takes them in there, turns off the monitor, and says hi for a minute and then gets back to spinning. it’s a fascinating and convenient process of elimination, when they approach you, you can be as selective as you want to be. the first one that i witnessed was a texbook example butterface. the second one was a tall japanese girl who was hottttttttt as shit. kevork takes her up, she talks to eric, then leaves. he calls me into the booth and says to me, ‘man, she’s fine as shit!’. i concurred, and he said ‘i want to get her number!’.


felt like i had just prodded an electrical outlet with a fork because i was shocked as hell. she was on his nuts, talking to him in the booth while he’s spinning, and he says he wants to get her number? the irony of that can only be an encrypted message from buddah. i figured out that he while he can have essentially any woman he wants, he doesn’t have the confidence in himself to be assertive. i asked kevork about it and he said that he’d been in a lot of long, serious (and traumatic) relationships and wasn’t used to dating. so back to the girl. i left the booth and knew what i had to do: help him get with this girl! the way i saw it, i had the perfect angle, whether she was interested in me or her, because i thought she looked damn nice. i looked around for a minute and found her on the dancefloor talking to some guy. played it cool for a minute, then approached her. while i strongly believe that what you literally say isn’t as important as how you say it, here’s essentially what was said, with most of the arbitrary introductory stuff removed:

“hi, what’s up your name?”
“myko, are you single?”
(the reaction this got was incredible)
“can you do me a favor myko?”
“go into the booth, give eric your phone number”
“what? he wants my number”
“of course he does, he’s shy”
“if he wants it, he’s gotta ask for it!”
“i’d ask you for your number myself if i didn’t know he was into you”

i told him that all he has to do is ask, and got her to go back up there. the connection was there, he got the number, and he was happy as shit. and really grateful, which made me feel really nice and selfless. when we were leaving he gave me this really heartfelt thanks, i was like damn. fascinating shit, makes for a good story. if eric and myko don’t work out (and i have full confirmation of this), i will certainly charge, because the selfless good-friend foundation has been laid.

i’m going to a concert next wednesday that raf’s band is putting on, sponsored by dc101. raf is one of eric friends that i met last night, myko and others will be there, he was promoting the hell out of the concert. he told me to bring my camera, i’m psyched. i’m buying an external flash before that because now i’ll really have a need for it. with him as the inside track, i can get on stage and around the band to hopefully get some really great shots!

dmc’s tonight! i got a press pass so i’m bringing my camera! can’t wait. friday oanes!