“We stand for universal values, including the rights of the Egyptian people to freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, and the freedom to access information. Once more, we’ve seen the incredible potential for technology to empower citizens and the dignity of those who stand up for a better future. And going forward, the United States will continue to stand up for democracy and the universal rights that all human beings deserve, in Egypt and around the world.”

Barack Obama

I understand that overseas, everyone is talking about the political struggle in Egypt. Well, not in China. From home I’ve been following some of the internet commentary about the protests in Cairo and Mubarak’s response.

My Opinion

I’m glad the US is taking the position that Egypt must resolve this dispute internally. I wish that Iraq had gone this way, letting Iraqis resolve the matter of leadership in their own country as opposed to invading and selling it as a revolution of the people.

Here’s to Egypt fighting for their future. As usual, Obama perfectly communicated a message of leadership, maturity, and class. Despite the tepid response and difficult obstacles for Obama’s domestic policies, I feel that he’s an outstanding representative of the American people for the broader world.