I’ve been on the road for several days now, in a small city at the China/Myanmar border. It’s called Rui Li and it’s famous for its gangsters and drug trade – or at least it used to be. Still I’ve seen a few handguns here and there which as anyone in China will tell you, is a very rare sight. The sky is bright blue, the sun extremely bright, and the weather closely resembles Thailand – thick vegetation and geckos leisurely scaling the walls of buildings everywhere. It probably more closely resembles Myanmar (since half the people here are Burmese) but I’ve never been there. Since I arrived two days ago many people have offered to show me around Myanmar but sadly I don’t have a visa and can’t get one without traveling a long distance to Kunming, capitol of the province I’m in. It wouldn’t work out anyway because I have shows every night until I leave here.

And speaking of the shows, they are outstanding. I was told that I’d have a good time and that people here are more unhinged than those in most of China, but they were right. Check this out – last night people swam through a river across the Chinese border from Burma just to come to the club that I played at. That is just ridiculous – you know that someone like that is coming to party their ass off. And so it was, the last two days I’ve been surrounded by a wall of sweaty people going crazy all around me. It’s been a while since I’ve had this much fun DJ’ing. The only downside is that on the first night my ears got wrecked by the sound system. Also because of the heat in the club I ended up drinking 9 beers – but I don’t regret that.

Funny story from last night. Before I started playing I was behind the DJ in the booth, just waiting. To the right of the DJ booth was a table full of girls waving and signaling me to come over. I waved hello and didn’t really want to walk over there, but they were extremely persistant. So I say okay, walk around the DJ booth and sit down at the table. And then look up to see a transvestite sitting to my left and a 200lb Chinese girl (this is SUPER RARE) across from me. On the inside I was screaming “OHH FUCK” but hopefully no one could tell – I played it off, casually borrowing a cigarette and drinking a shot of beer with them while passing a warm smile before getting up and going to the table I had intended to go to. I’m sure at this point everyone must have been saying WTF to themselves because I did this in front of hundreds of people. I did my best to play it off by hopping between 4 tables afterwards, offering a quick greeting and saying hello. First time I’ve ever made that mistake.