shayda just left and i’m listening to getz / gilberto 2. fantastic tunes. i can’t find my e2’s (they’re around somewhere), but i’ve been using the ipod earbuds since i misplaced them and find them to be fantastic. sound quality isn’t quite as good, but it’s very listenable and the comfort level is very high. because of the flat design of them, i can wear them comfortably while lying in bed on my side, or even sleeping with them on, unlike the bulky e2’s.

i dyed my hair bright blonde this evening. i got the box of dye a few days ago when i was at CVS picking up a perscription for an antibiotic as i was recovering from illness. now seemed like a good time to dye my hair again, since i’m wrapping up at haifinance. i remember before i started working there, and even the first year that i was there, i was dying my hair on a fairly regular basis. it’s fun every once and a while. because my father and grandfather are both completely bald, i’m pretty certain that i’ll also be bald, so until that happens, i’ll ride this motherfucker (hair) till the wheels fall off.