Just got done watching Wild at Heart. I was attracted to this movie when I saw it at Dyen Lao Chun because I wasn’t sure if I’d heard of it before, it starred Nick Cage, and it’s directed by David Lynch. Three very powerful observations that in unison culminated in the purchase of said DVD. The cinematography was fantastic. Countless short but beautiful shots, mostly abstractions of scenery or objects on set. Some were chronic, like a macro shot of a burning cigarette. The story was intertwined with that of The Wizard of Oz, but I’m still trying to figure out what the message there was. The witch made several appearances, the characters carried some lines from Oz, and there was mention of Toto and other characters. One of the most fascinating things about Lynch as a director is that he’s so far out in left field. A 30 minute analysis with pen and paper on the moral or metaphoric meaning of any of his movies will probably have you thinking in circles. That said, I don’t think this one tops Blue Velvet in terms of absolute bat-shit inexplicable insanity. There’s something cinematically beautiful about confusion and dissolution.

I’ve been in the new apartment for nearly a week now and it’s fantastic. I’m extremely comfortable here; sometimes I think maybe too much so. I can easily spend the day here without leaving, provided that I have good food available, watching movies, reading books, or on wo de be jebon dyen lao (Lelu, please correct my pinyin), which means my laptop.

I go to Lanzhou to DJ on the 8th so I’m just wasting time till then. I’ll give James in Shanghai a call tomorrow and try to get a better idea of what the deal is there. Intalex & Calibre are touching down here this month.