After 4+ years, I finally got my old domain name, back. I had originally registered it I think in 2001 but after 2 years it expired as I took an office job and stopped dj’ing as much, thinking I wouldn’t need it again. When I checked on it a year later, it was registered by a domain squatter (someone who buys internet domain names to resell them at large profit) who wouldn’t sell it back to me for less than $500. I gave up and registered dumber domain names like (which I really don’t like) because nothing better was really available.

I was wondering about the old domain a few hours ago and did a whois search, which told me that the domain is for sale. Whoever had bought it with the intention of selling it back to me gave up after a few years. I’ve been building a new site for a few weeks, but I didn’t expect to ever get this domain back! Registered for 2 years.

also I will change my blog soon, upgrade to the latest wordpress and probably build a new theme.