Digweed was here tonight on a Chivas tour, along with Sasha and Deep Dish. Yeah whatever, Digweed, who cares – but it’s hard for people outside of China to imagine how much of a big deal that is here. He played at Babi, a club down the street which I’ve been going to on and off for the last 9 months. I can’t really describe how weird it was to see Digweed playing in a small place so familiar, out here in west China. He played some slower tempo, deeper progressive jams, as opposed to the in-your-face trance that I’ve only heard him play (5+ years ago). The place was pretty much going bonkers, which is why I decided to stay and hang out, despite knowing that I had to board a plane early the next morning. It’s 5am and my plane departs in exactly three hours, so I’ve made the decision to stay up and bear it. I saw a bunch of people I haven’t seen in a while, including a German guy with some weird name that I can’t remember who’s nearly as tall as I am. I never think of myself as the oversized giant among a room of Chinese people, but I tend to ocassionally think of myself in that sense when I see him lumbering over everyone. Cruel Intentions is playing on the tv in front of me, but I’m not really watching. When I’m done on the computer I’ll pack a small bag for Kunming and be ready to go. My sister arrives in five days – I’ll take her to see Sichuan opera, the panda reserve, the art and computer markets, and hot pot.