Exciting new developments. Tenzin is trying to get me on a contract with him and one other DJ to tour around China for three months. It’d be a three-month contract with the pay at 15,000 yuan a month, almost three times what I’m getting now at Wonderland. I leave for Xi’an tomorrow morning at 8am and I still haven’t told them that I won’t be here for three days, but I’ll give them a call when I’m in Xi’an tomorrow. I’m making 4,000 in one weekend when Wonderland pays 6,000 a month, so there’s no way that I can miss this to dance around and sing in front of four year olds. I’m looking forward to checking out Xi’an also, supposedly it’s a beautiful ancient city. Apparently it’s still surrounded by a 30 foot-high wall and is the home of the terracotta soldiers which are famous. I’ll bring my camera and hopefully get more shots in three days in Xi’an than I got in 11 days in Shanghai. I’m going with Tony, who’s a just-trained VJ. He’s an older British guy, looks to be in his late 30’s or so. I met him just a few days ago hanging out with Tenzin at his place. Tenzin is a mid-20’s half American half Tibetan muscle-bound kung fu MC, so he’s naturally drawn to hip hop. His friend Sasha is a late-20’s bearded native of Minneapolis who talks like he’s black. He routinely says shit like “I tol’ that nigga to leave me ‘lone”, and so on. Pretty hard to take any caucasian who speaks like that seriously, but the fact that he’s as old as he is further complicates it. He lives in one of the most luxurious apartments in Chengdu, though. Sascha told me his rent is 5,000 a month, which is fucking astronomically high for this area of China. Apparently he’s financed by managing an import/export company which exports tea and Chinese artifacts and imports high-end large-scale printing machines. Life here is so interesting.