returning home from a truly badass vacation really sucks. i’m in LAX waiting to depart on my flight back to DC. LA is off the chains, this trip really affirmed how much i still want to move here. the more time i spend here, the more cool people i meet. and for some reason, it also seems like i have a much easier and more enjoyable time dating women here. i’m not sure why that is, exactly. i remember last week that there was something i was meaning to write into here regarding some kind of event, but i can’t recall it. so, i’ll share some stuff about LA.

i arrived here thursday morning at 9am, into LAX. i had some preliminary plans, but with this trip i really didn’t go all out with the planning. i didn’t reserve a hotel (opted to stay with various friends instead) and i decided not to even get a rental car, which i actually don’t regret at all. by this token, this trip was really pretty affordable. then again, things tend to get out of hand pretty¬†quickly here. i definitely¬†had a few “holy shit” moments here, the most significant of which was chilling with a rack of recognizable porn stars.

so, anyway. i arrived thursday¬†morning and had plans to go to¬†san diego with riccardo, where he¬†was playing at a¬†club¬†called deep. coincidentally, my departure itinerary coincided with brians and marks. so my flight arrived, i waited 20 minutes for them to arrive, then we got in their rental whip (with a gps, dope!) and jammed to downtown LA. hung out for a few hours, then they dropped me off between inglewood and westchester where riccardo is located. we waited for alex who arrived after us chilling for about an hour and then headed for san diego. the ride was about an hour, even with us hauling ass in alexs’ giant expedition. the night was pretty cool, i met a lot of people and celebrated a birthday with one of them. his name was jason, and he was a good friend of riccardos. it was hard for me to tell whether it was an unusual night because of the birthday, or if that night was typical of any other thursday, but everyone partied so hard. everyone’s buying jason shots (who gets completely ripped) and partying like it’s saturday night. a few hours after getting there i learn that nitrous is really popular there, and alex had a 5 pound scuba diving-like tank filled with nitrous. wtf. they start doing balloons and i’m like fuck it, so i join em. when i do the balloon like i used to years ago (breath in and out of the balloon for a minute or two) they’re like “HAY WHAT’RE YOU DOING, THATS DANGEROUS”. okaay. by the end of the night everyone is smashed, and we had arranged to go to natashas house which wasn’t far (in the sdsu district). chill there for a while, we listened to the scape playlist that esfizzle hooked up. i pass out at 4am or so (7am est) and they stay up till 7 or 8. wake up around noon and hit up L&L’s with alex which is a badass hawaiian bbq franchise in san diego. we chill for a bit longer and i learn that someone i know in LA has tickets to the x-games which are the same day, starting at 1pm. i would’ve liked to check that out, but unfortunately the timing of that didn’t work out. get back up to LA the next evening, friday, and hit up dini’s bbq pool party.

dini’s place is nice as shit. it’s in burbank, where all the major studios are. it’s an apartment and they have a poolside conference room area which is where he hosted what was essentially a big ass session with the best dj’s in the country. saw some incredible skills, probably most notably spryte and la-z-boy of the platter pirates. wicked things. i was hoping eric would win dmc again, but i knew it would be really difficult.

just got a call from brian, his flight is delayed and he’s in the terminal next to me. gonna meet up with him and finish this later-

currently listening to: arbitrary airport announcements