watched the original resident evil last night with erica. it was pretty much as enjoyable as i had remembered it, which is maybe an 8/10 which is a fairly high mark for a zombie movie. i’d put it a notch or two above 28 days later, for the few really memorable scenes. also the score (done by marilyn manson) is fantastic. i think it’s maybe the best thing that manson has done, that i’ve heard. i hope to see the sequel, maybe tonight with erica before she leaves for long beach tomorrow morning.

after watching resident evil we went to davids house where we had dinner with david, my sister, and my dad. this was the meal where my sister tells my dad that she’s engaged. just like last time, except this time she’s engaged instead of already married. pretty exciting i guess, but i wonder, what happened to the days where a man asks a father for the hand of his daughter? i don’t know where that falls in marriage protocol these days, but i can’t help but wonder. joerg (my sisters first husband) even went as far as to basically elope with my sister and marry her before even meeting my father. it’s a good thing my dad is pretty much a cool headed easy-going guy, i could imagine other uptight 60 year olds having a heart attack over shit like that.

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