Christmas Season is here, and the countdown to Christmas won’t remain for much longer. I haven’t been home in a few days, lots of traveling for work due to the hectic time of year that this is. I’ve been in Yibin (southern Sichuan, not far from Chongqing) since yesterday afternoon and tomorrow I’m returning to Chengdu and then going somewhere else in Sichuan province. Then home to change apartments for a day, then off to Guiyang for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.¬†Then sweet, sweet, peace. I’ll happily be able to spend new years eve in Changsha (capitol of Henan province, hometown of Mao) playing alongside my crew-mate Tenzin. What else – I don’t know. I haven’t felt like writing much recently, which I believe is a symptom of my return to western China. Once I get back onto the road after New Years, I think I’ll be more inspired to write and let my mind wander.

Till then,

Merry Christmas