Last night Jovian and I returned from out weekend trip to Chongqing where we hosted the first Disco Death outside of Chengdu.

We saw some old friends and had a great time while performing some much-needed recon in what is the most logical point of expansion for the DD brand. Also, it’s a great place to party and travel between Chengdu and Chongqing is quick and convenient.


We originally intended on taking the bullet train to and from Chongqing, but found out on Thursday afternoon that tickets were sold out for Friday. We bought return tickets for Saturday (100 yuan each) and went to Wugui Qiao bus station where we opted for a private car instead of the public bus. The cost was 120 yuan for each of us and we were delivered directly to Caiyuanba bus station in ??? an hour before we were set to perform.

Cici Park

After a bit of searching we located the venue, called Cici Park. It’s run by three old friends who I’ve known (and worked with) for years. But I find that after a year and a half or so, the three of them have all changed a lot. Having just returned from a spiritual journey to Nepal, the three have transformed into rainbow color shoelace-wearing hippies. Nice guys and I was happy to see them, but it’s interesting that seemingly out of nowhere they’ve gotten really into psychedelia. The venue itself is a cross between Xiong Mao and Jah Bar but lacks the crowd of either of those venues. Still, it’s positioned in the center of Jiefang Bei (Chongqing’s most prosperous district) and is situated next to a beautiful park which showcases the most stunning view of Chongqing that I’ve ever seen. It really does bear a strong similarity to Hong Kong.

Downtown Chongqing

I’m already working on making the transition to a better venue in Chongqing. My hope is I can secure that show for May and begin to build a relationship with that club, which I think better suits what we’re doing.


Next Friday we fly to Kunming, to light the Disco Death flame in that city. Fortunately we’ve already made arrangements with what I think is the best venue in that city. With any luck, we’ll have successfully spread Disco Death into other regions of West China.