On the Road

Amoeba Records, Berkeley California

Amoeba Records Berkeley

Just a single photo from a recent trip to Berkeley, California. This is Amoeba, the world’s largest independent record store. More coming soon.

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New Year, New Photos

Happy new year! This is the 1,000th post on this site. And by far the most substantial photo update I have ever posted. I have been traveling a lot recently and was lucky enough to hit many of my favorite cities.

I put a few images below each city, with a link to the full gallery below. These were all taken with a Fuji X100T, which I recently upgraded to from the X100.

Beijing Late-2014

Beijing Office Beijing Traffic Beijing Underground Beijing Construction

[button link=”https://www.justcharlie.com/beijing-2014-photos” size=”large”]More Beijing Late-2014 Photos[/button]

Chongqing Late-2014

CQ Slim2 CQ Cassidy Instinct CQ Nuts Color

[button link=”https://www.justcharlie.com/photos-chongqing-late-2014″ size=”large”]More Chongqing Late-2014 Photos[/button]

New York City Late-2014

Brooklyn Train Platform Manhattan Graffiti Wall 3World Trade Center 4NYC Brooklyn Museum

[button link=”https://www.justcharlie.com/nyc-photos-2014″ size=”large”]More N.Y.C. Late-2014 Photos[/button]

Washington D.C. Late-2014

Dulles Airport DC SacklerMega Church Redskins Game

[button link=”https://www.justcharlie.com/dc-2014-photos” size=”large”]More Washington D.C. Late-2014 Photos[/button]


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