As I rule, I avoid television. I haven’t had cable in 10+ years and I’m not particularly inclined to watch new television shows because of the time that I know they’ll eat up. Time that I’d rather use to create than consume.

With that said, once in a while a television show will come along with such a compelling premise that it’s almost impossible to ignore it – Breaking Bad is, to me, the quintessential example.

The pitch is so simple: A high school chemistry teacher is diagnosed with lung cancer. Facing imminent death, he becomes a methamphetamine “cook” to leave his wife and children with the nest egg that he couldn’t provide them legitimately. Will his secret life consume him?

What’s really remarkable is that Breaking Bad has remained so visceral. It’s simultaneously ruthless and relatable. In it’s characters, we see ourselves and our greatest fears at the same time.

The clip above is a fan-made clip which was released about a week ago that highlights many of the major events throughout the 5-season series.