Immediately after waking up I cracked my laptop and wrote this with my eyes closed.

Last night I dreamt that I ran into Tittsworth after one of my own shows in China. The day after my show I was the club area and I ran into some dancers who I knew were there for a big show. And then I go outside and I see a massive tour bus and it’s got Tittsworth written on it. Oh, and for some reason Nemo was around with me – not when I approached the tour bus, but I approached the bus alone to try to find him and say what’s up and two bouncers who were much shorter than me came out and started getting in my face. I was trying to be reasonable, saying that I knew him and just wanted to say what’s up but they were hostile toward me. I asked when would be a good time to say what’s up and they said they didn’t know. So I hung around a bit and observed all these other people buzz around the area making arrangements for the show that night. At one point two massive record boxes come out and people start organizing hundreds of dubplates into a particular order. It was all so much hassle and I think during the actual dream while waiting for an opportunity to say hey I was like fuck this and made myself wake up.

I haven’t seen Tittsworth in years – I talked to him over the internet a few months ago and said that the next time he goes out to HK I’d really do my best to make it out there. I had no idea when that’d be, but I was hoping that I’d know beforehand so I could get myself out there. I noticed on twitter yesterday that he just showed up in HK after leaving Taiwan. So, I guess this dream is a response to my disappointment that I can’t follow through with my plan to journey to HK and check him out. Right now I’m in Dali on my way to Vietnam.