the extended weekend is coming to and end. i’m sitting on the balcony, the sun is setting, and i’m listening to coldplay through earbuds on the ipod. today wasn’t as warm as yesterday, i didn’t see the sun exposed even for a few minutes. i expect the fountain in front of me to turn off in the next hour or so. here’s how my weekend went.

i planned last week to go biking with esfand and pat, early saturday morning. this is really pretty out of the ordinary for me, but i was looking forward to it. i’ve played basketball and tennis recently, but beside that it’s been a while that i’ve really tested myself physically. friday night i was hanging out here, kevork was in the area so he dropped by. and shayda left her ID in my wallet so she dropped by to pick that up. the three of us hung out until about midnight at which point i decided to get to sleep early. i woke up around 8:15 or so and went to esfands house where pat and esfand were already waiting. esfand had fixed up davids bike which i was using, but it still had a lot of problems. we hit the trail around 10am or so and rode until i think 2:30 or 3. really a good workout, but my hands got bruised, which wasn’t really smooth. you can faintly see the bruise marks still, i felt it when i was riding today. by this upcoming weekend i expect to be fine, and hope to go riding again. maybe this time with jason or james, i know the two of them are riding now also.

after riding i was completely beat, and planned to go home, take a shower, and have a nap. that didn’t happen though, i headed out to a barbeque in arlington and ate two hamburgers off the grill. they were delicious. this barbeque was hosted by kevorks friend karl who i think i had met one time at modern. the house was full of a lot of his friends from JMU. pretty good times, we both brought records and tagged some house music and reggae. i was having a bit of a headache, but i took some ibuprofin and quickly felt better. we stayed at that place until about 7:30 or so at which point we left in order to..

go to the GOONMEET. i didn’t see how this could be anything but interesting, and interesting it was. it’s too bad that esfizzle couldn’t make it, but i guess it wasn’t anything super extraordinary. there were a lot of people though, probably 50 or 60, on a rooftop on P St near dupont circle. it was kind of dark up there, but there was a ridiculous amount of liquor, and lots of bud. tcc crew in full effect. met a few real cool people, namely harry bozack and legatissmato (sp?) who was a wicked magician. hung out there until about 1am, at which point i was absolutely beat. i was having a good time, but my body was feeling absolutely punished, so we left. on the way back we stopped back at the party in arlington where his friends were, but i was too beat to even go in, so i slept in the passenger seat while listening to the ipod. slept really well, too. kevork came back out at 4am, at which point we went back to his place where i got my car and went home to sleep in the bed. only i got home and after having 3 hours of sleep, somehow felt sort of refreshed. watched half of a movie, i can’t even remember which one.

sunday pretty much spent the day with shayda. did the usual stuff that we do, went riding, played chess, went to the coffee shop, talked about this and that.. by 6pm or so we were both really hungry but didn’t know where to go, so we rode around on the bike looking for an interesting place to eat. i saw a sign that said “El Do” and parked there. the sign actually said “El Dorado”, but most of the lightbulbs were out so it wasn’t legible. it was a really authentic mexican place. actually, the authenticity was evident not only when we walked in and didn’t see any gringos, but moreso when we tried to order and it was apparent that our waitress spoke absolutely no english. i saw some interesting beverages on the menu which i had never heard of and asked her about them, to which she returned a completely blank stare. i blindly selected one, which tasted like sweet milk with cinamon in it. looking at the menu was pretty eventful as well, there were a lot of dishes that i had never had, and a few that i’d never even heard of. i selected beef tongue in tomato sauce, and shayda got something less exotic. i don’t think i’d had beef tongue before, but it was kind of tough and a little slimey. it wasn’t bad though, i finished the plate. after that, we watched scarface. she hadn’t seen it before, so i insisted that we watch something that i thought she should see that she hadn’t seen. the finals picks were scarface, being john malkovich, battle royale, and taxi driver. next time we’re watching being john malkovich, which i think is equally excellent, albeit in a very different way.

the sun has fully set now, and the fountain is still spouting colored water. it’s pretty beautiful to look at, watching it change colors. i think listening to coldplay makes it more beautiful though, this is too emo. i’m going to get some water and play with ephpod.