DownwellIt took half a decade of working in mobile games to appreciate the deep pool of amazing work in the market. But despite the brilliance of so many developers around the world in making amazing game experiences on iOS, they are often overshadowed by the sheer quantity of garbage in the App Store. To address this, Apple has rightly put a lot of attention on the issue of discoverability, making it easier for average users to locate exceptional apps.

With this in mind, I’ve authored what will be a persistent list of what I think are the Best iOS Games. Currently there are a few dozen in the list, but I will be adding to it. In the future when people ask what my favorite games on the platform are, or what I have installed on my iPad, I will just refer them there.

My List of the Best iOS Games

Note: I also replaced the header link on this website which previously went to my 85+ Best iOS Games of 2015 with this new page, which won’t go out of date.