This month a documentary in the style of Fahrenheit 9/11 is being released in theaters. It’s titled “Expelled” and it adds fuel to the creationism vs evolution debate; but like those before it, this is an unbalanced rehash of religion in the the guise of pseudoscience vs actual verified by the scientific-method science. Throughout the film Ben Stein refers to his ideological adversaries as Darwinists as if the theory hasn’t been developed by generations of scientists after him (Ben Stein might call me a Pasteurist since I also subscribe to germ theory). The angle of his argument is that calling intelligent design what it is (a theist non-science) violates its right to stand next to science in the classroom.

The subtitle of the film is ironically appropriate. Science has always battled religion. Copernicus’s claim that the Earth revolved around the Sun was opposed by the Christian church for over 300 years. Galileo was put under house arrest for asserting the same theory, and Darwin’s theory published in 1844 (and supported today by the entire scientific community) still faces major opposition especially in the United States:

Public acceptance of evolution in 34 countries

Scientific American wrote an article on the release of the film where they tear it to pieces.

“Intelligent design is creationism in a cheap tuxedo” – Richard Dawkins