pretty damn awesome weekend. saw bebel gilberto on friday, which was really fantastic. went with david and my sister and met kevork there. basically a kick ass show, the smoothest of vibes except for at the very beginning. bebel showed up late (around 11pm or so) and people were booing and generally very pissed off. after dropping the heavyweight lounge sound for 15-20 minutes everyone forgot about it, though. david and my sister pussed out like a bunch of 30 year olds and left at 12:30 to get enough rest to work the following day (i also had to work on saturday, at 10am). i enjoyed the show to completion, then went to the waterfront with kevork. met up with some of his friends and had a few drinks there. we were walking around smoking cigars and this group of crazy drunk people approached us, and this guy who was so drunk he could hardly walk asked for a puff of kevorks cigar. the guy was belligerent and apparently it was his birthday, but kevork still refused. i told the guy that kevork had aids and he didn’t want that, to which he replied “but i’m a doctor”. that’s nice, dude.

then, sleep. then, wake. then, work. then, more sleep.

it started to rain and instead of leaving we run through the rain to some bar in georgetown on M street that i haven’t heard of. it’s like 2:30am and this place is still serving. the basement of this place jams unbelievably hard. everyone is wasted as all hell, and brown eyed girl is being blasted by the worst dj i’ve ever heard. but still, people are singing along and generally being huge idiots. after they stopped serving they kicked everyone out and kevork and i chilled under a canopy on the sidewalk observing all the drunken shenanigans. there were so many people running around in the street like children that several cops stopped and had to put the disciplinary hammer down by yelling in everyones face and nearly arresting a few people.

then got ready for sean bastilles house warming party. i hadn’t seen sean or john in a long time (this was their house) so i was looking forward to checking it out. he infomed me that decks would be there so i brought some records, but the downstairs area where the decks were was nearly empty pretty much all night. jason and elaine were there which was cool (HI ELAINE). there was a cute blonde girl there who i was talking to for like 20 minutes, we were talking about how much this dj there sucked. and then going on about how 80’s rule and not enough dance music is funky anymore. then she drops the bomb and says that that dj is her husband and she has 4 kids. what the fuck. i left that conversation a loser.

it was okay though because i met this other, taller brunette girl who i think was really drunk. i’m sure she really appreciated the conversation we had. she was kind of obnoxious, but i was drunk enough to not give a damn. she left and asked for my number, but i don’t expect a call.

oh, also. sean and john floss really hard now. john has a new M3 (in addition to his late 90’s E430) and sean sold his A4 2.8 and got a new S4. plus, the house they got is enormous. i need to get into programming, maybe.

sunday was the most kickass lounge day, ever. i slept until 5pm and then watched dawn of the dead 2004, then the end of rebel without a cause. then went to aarons place and brought my mixer, and we cut for a few hours. practicing with someone else is such a fantastic time, this was our second time having the dual session like that and it went really well. he lives pretty close too. party, bonus. i got home around 10:30 or so and watched predator 2 after having an extended read in SA’s film dump on alien vs predator and how abysmally bad it is. i think i’ll download it and watch it just to affirm that it’s really the worst movie of the year.

currently listening to: bebel live (on speakers; very quiet)