yesterday was the Temple of Boom thanksgiving sunday barbeque at the shop, plus in the backyard garden area. temple of boom is a record shop on melrose, probably my favorite in the city. the bbq started at 2pm, but i wasn’t in a rush to get there because i thought it would be people just relaxing. i got there around 7:30 and the place is losing it. about 70 people crammed in a shop the size of yoshitoshi (they share a lot of other similarities, too). mampi swift is playing with mc ic3, who both headlined at bassrush the previous evening. i could hardly believe how much everyone was having it. people brock out here, hard. i left that place real happy, ic3 gave me a teebee live mix cd.

tonight i chilled with eric metro, smoked bud, drank sapporo, and watched the best of snl dana carvey and mike meyers.

i applied for a few more jobs today, one of which was a freelance job designing a local rap artists cover album, hahaha. i hope i get that one.