just got back from Barcade in koreatown, it’s 2:30am pacific time. goddamn this place fuckin rules. tuesday night and its on and crackin’ at this hidden old arcade that’s an underground club. it’s on a completely empty street in the middle of nowhere and they serve drinks out of an old fridge.

i moved into the new spot this evening in venice beach. the guy that i rented from loaned me a beach cruiser, also. i’m here for 17 more days until the 10th of december, and then i either want to go to san diego or back to scottsdale. free place to stay in scottsdale, and that place is great, or i can check out a new scene in san diego. we’ll see.

i got the nintendo ds yesterday. it’s a huge waste of time. and now i have plenty of time to waste.

life is grand.