Got my bank account fixed, the problem was that somehow one of my ATM transactions was taken from my checking account instead of savings and my checking account went to a negative balance and it wouldn’t let me withdrawl. My concern was that somehow someone had gotten to my account and taken out my money. This somehow happened to Eric just a few weeks ago in LA, and I would figure China a more likely place to see that kind of thing than the US.

I found a good wireless connection at the far end of Kowloon Park near the Tsim Sha Tsui MTR, I spent about a hour there today online. The park itself is beautiful, there are some animals there and some large pools which are now drained, I assume for the winter season.

Tonight I’ll go to Wan Chai and check out some of the bars and clubs there. I’m looking for one specifically, called Klong, which I’m told might have some drum & bass. From Exit C out of the Wan Chai MTR there’s apparently a street filled with nightlife attractions, there should be a lot of people there this evening. Hopefully it’s better than Lan Kwai Fong, which was almost all foreigners. I’ll call Candace and see if she wants to join.