fucking fuck. 9:30am monday morning, and i had a few fucked up dreams about kat. i need to go back to sleep, but i decided to brush my teeth and write this first.

yesterday was awesome, got a ton of cool pictures. hope to get some more today, away from the downtown area of detroit which is where i’ve spent most of my photography time thus far. i wanna check out the ghetto but james says there’s an overwhelming chance that we’ll get carjacked, and that ain’t good.

seeing the vast number of people at the festival still blows my mind. a few times yesterday i just stopped at the top of the hill and looked at the sea of people. it’s an unbelievable sight, to see that, and then one dj on stage commanding the crowd. it’s like the hfstival except with no bands and 20 times bigger. although there weren’t any traditional bands, i’ve seen a lot of fusion kinda things with various instrumentalists. a dj from nyc played yesterday with a bongo player who was really excellent. got some cool pictures of him. met a few people off doa yesterday as well, dr greenthumb and krs-2.

gonna try to go back to sleep now so i can be well rested for the day-