After a full day of transit, (6 hours to NYC, 15 hours to Beijing, 2 hours to Chengdu) I’m back in my apartment. It’s really great that I wasn’t robbed while I was gone. It’s great to be back, but it feels strangely different. This is my first time coming to China from America and coming straight to my apartment. I guess it really hits me that this is my home when I arrive here and take a taxi straight to my apartment which I open with my key. Maybe that doesn’t make much sense; it feels strangely natural to come back here after being reacclimated to hamburger and CNN environment for 30 days.

I knew I was back when I started hitting my head on everything again; I hit my head twice on the plane, and one time a woman saw me and instead of laughing made a total “oh shit! ow!” grimace which made me laugh. Welcome back to Asia.

I haven’t gotten a full night of sleep in four or five days, but sleeping sporadically for a few hours at a time. First I had to wake up early for the dentists appointment, then for my flight out of NYC, and then I could only catch a few hours of sleep at a time on the transcontinental flight. It’s cool though, even though it’s 4:30am here I’ve almost completely unpacked and cleaned the place up a bit. Dust tends to collect when you leave your apartment for a month.

Tenzin and Jovian are still in SF, but I think Kensho is in town. Ben is in London but arrives Sunday and Sascha has finally made it to Thailand, so I have some quiet time to get everything together.

I had a great time in America for the month though and really appreciate the time I was able to spend with my good friends. I regret not being able to see a few of them (Kat, Steve, Marcus, Alexandra) but I know that’ll come with time.

Hopefully the next time I leave China will be for the Phillipines.