back from Detroit, back at work. had a damn good time over the weekend, and got a ton of fantastic photographs which i haven’t yet had the time to properly sort through. all together just over 500 photos which i casually browsed for the first time last night at kevorks. when i get some time, probably this weekend, i’ll go through the entire batch, extract and adjust the ones that are keepers, and put those on my website.

last night i went to Saki in adams morgan for the first time. the atmosphere in that place is nuts, the lighting is incredible. there are no real lights; the walls are illumunated, and they change colors. all of the decor on the inside is futuristic and white, it reminded me a lot of dragonfly. they played 80’s all night that i was there, it was awesome to hear. tom b was playing, i hadn’t realized how versatile he was. ran into paco who i haven’t seen in a long time, and also caroline who wasn’t with simon! they actually broke up, after being together for like 5 years. after saki we checked out reef, which is another lounge/nightclub across the street. it has a rooftop area which is a lot like the one at Five except with a better view. there was no cover, but not a lot of people were there. saki, on the other hand, was completely rammed.

it was cool hanging out with kevork and jill. the two of them are completely in love, it’s an interesting thing to witness. instead of feeling comparatively lonely , it really inspires optomism in me. cool hanging out though, jill is lots of fun. back to work for now-

currently listening to: Amon Tobin – Stoney Street (love this tune!)