Last nights club was pretty sweet, apparenly one of the largest in Guangzhou along with the infamous Chinese multi-city megaclub Baby Face. Virginia (the Coors MC) had the day off so kung fu dude (one of Vivians two boyfriends) and another guy named Jun (who looks and dresses like Prince; borderline gay/fashionable) had a dance routine which they performed. It actually ruled, also. The whole thing was essentially ripped off of Thriller, but it’s a badass piece to rip off from. They got on stage with in black suits with monster masks and gloves and did a synchronized Thriller dance and then ripped the suits off to reveal all white suits underneith. They’re decent dancers, but apparently Coors decided to show up Kim by hiring half a dozen Chinese b-boys who were off the fucking hook. Just a week ago Kim was talking about how his attitude has grown with regard to battling because no one really battles in China – last night should shut him up for a month or so, these six guys were excellent and worked really well together. Plus, they’re Chinese, so it looks like they can effortlessly toss their bodies around in the air.

The DJ routine is getting easier and easier after practicing every night. I generally have an hour to play, but the hour has to be absolutely running, so it’s taking some time for it to develop into a well-tuned albeit brief DJ set. I’ve assembled most of the best tunes that I have and arranged them in a logical sequence, and if you listen really closely, there are small cues to the larger hidden meaning in the entire piece. All of us are getting better; we can already put on a good show, but I’d imagine it to be tremendously better even in just a few weeks with time to fully work out even the smallest kinks and soft spots.

I had a bizarre dream last night in which I had a small child; a boy. His name was Charlie also, but it was almost more like he was a mini-me than a son, because I don’t remember a significant other being anywhere in the dream at all. Charlie and I were at a restaurant when the lights went out and somehow the slippery boy got away from me, and I went around looking for him and finally found him, enormously relieved. This dream was unusually vivid – I woke up a few hours ago and I still remember it.

Chun Li has been shooting me text messages constantly in Chinese. I can read bits and parts of the messages, but ocassionally I miss crucial parts of the message which Kim has to translate for me. It’s great practice, though. I looked everywhere on Beijing Lu for a bookstore with some books on learning characters, but they had virtually no books in English, except for the Penguin-series American classics that are everywhere. Even walking around on the street or reading a menu is good practice though; I think it also just takes time being exposed to them for them to sink into my juicy brain.

We leave at 3pm to setup in tonights club. Unfortunately today wasn’t a good day for the pool, as it’s still raining outside, but perhaps tomorrow. Today is Saturday night, so it should be bumpin’. Plus, tomorrow’s our day off!