just woke up after jackie’s birthday party. i think that i drank and smoked way too much last night. first time puking my guts out in a while, but it was still a blast. at the beginning of the night quix wanted to meet at a club in hollywood, and then we’d leave there and come back here to check out this party. i didn’t want to go all the way to hollywood and back, so we met in santa monica at zanzibar with jerry and one of quix’s ho’s (he has a rack). i reluctantly paid $10 to get inside zanzibar, knowing that the house party was going down where i live, but i’m glad i checked that place out. the djs were off the hook. they actually had two hip hop/skratch djs live on 4 decks. pretty awesome to watch. somehow we started drinking profusely, first two red bull & vodkas, then a round of shots, then two bass ale’s. i used quix’s credit card twice at his request, went to the bar and signed his name while he was on the stage. oh, also. at one point jerry was introducing the djs to quix and we all went on this big stage. so maybe 6 of us are on stage in front of 600 people or so.. then my phone rings, i pick it up, and i realize that i’m standing on stage on my cell phone. i quickly correct my error and end the call with emily.

i figure that we got back here about 1:15 or so, and this place was going off. maybe 100 people in the house, and another 100 outside, in the front, the back, and on the balcony. suffice to say, this place was absolutely trashed this morning.

i met this girl named michelle and talked with her for a long time, but i really don’t remember much about it, regretfully. she has a tongue ring and she lives in long beach, that much i remember.

unfortunately some drama went down between jackie and sarah. she saw him with a girl from myspace or something and got jealous and started making accusations. it’s interesting how this went down, because my impression is that the way it usually happens is the girlfriend scolds the guy, guy feels bad, woman wins. well, she scolded him, he got upset but after a few minutes told her to leave, and then bagged some other chick who’s now sleeping in his room. truly champion form. it’s tough to blame him for any kind of infidelity after his girlfriend is ridiculous like that at his own birthday party.

today i’m driving to scottsdale to meet cory. while i’m upset to leave LA, and especially venice, and jackie and christian, i’m looking forward to taking it easy in scottsdale where i feel like i have to worry about a lot less. living there is much cheaper, there isn’t as much to do so i’m not overwhelmed with options, and it’s a bit warmer meaning i can swim and spend some more time outside in the evenings maybe. i’ll be there for christmas also, with cory and his boss who supposedly has a giant ranch with dirt bikes and quads which we’ll be at. cory can be a real tool sometimes, but i have to hand it to him for setting everything up. the claims he makes always sound ridiculous but he’s surprised me more than a few times. looking forward to spending some time on the dirt bike cruising in the desert. he said there’s a specific trail which leads to the grand canyon which runs about 30-40 miles. i can hardly imagine how much fun it’ll be to embark on a trek like that on a quad or a dirt bike (on a dirt bike it would probably be pretty exhausting).

i tried sending esfand his chronic yesterday but couldn’t get to the UPS shipping location quickly enough, and it closed at 7pm. i have everything in my car, ready to go. it being sunday, it can’t ship today, so i’ll drop it off tomorrow during the day (i think by 1pm it can ship same-day) when i’m in arizona.

i was talking to kevork yesterday and i told him a funny story which i’m now remembering, since i mentioned the previous bit about sendinng the bud to esfand. as a testiment to the power of this herb, i was playing scattergories with wendy and candyce two days ago. the three of us had gotten absolutely ripped, but their tolerance is probably somewhere in the upper atmosphere while mine lingers at about knee level. anyway, it was my first time playing scattergories in a few years at least. i didn’t remember how to play, so we figured it out. you roll a 10 sided die with letters on it, and then answer ten questions like “name a movie” that start with the letter that the die landed on. the die landed on “J”, but i was so blazed i somehow interepreted that as “D”. so i spent the next 3 minutes thinking of answers that started with D while everyone else was working on J. i didn’t realize my error until we shared answers. that one will go down in personal history, along with the time i got a girls phone number when i was blazed and wrote down my name instead of hers, only to realize my error the next day.

i’m overjoyed that my laptop is back to me in 100% functional condition, and i really can’t wait till esfand mails me a copy of half life 2. oh what joy the laptop brings.

christian and jackie and i are all sitting in the living room taking a break from cleaning. christian is eating breakfast, jackie is lying down on the couch, and door is open and i can hear cars driving by on Abbot Kinney. i wonder if recanting minute details like these are of any use.