The gig went much better last night than the night before – didn’t have any major problems when DJ’ing this time, although I didn’t even go through the trouble of setting up Serato Scratch at all, and opted to just use CD’s. One thing that was unusual was seeing Zita perform in front of a large crowd – KTV style. The club itself was super nice – definitely the most posh we’ve seen so far, although I think it was only the fourth club that we’ve been to. It had high ceilings, really comfortable couches with pillows everywhere, and not even a lot of tables. It didn’t seem very much like a Chinese club to me, which was fairly awesome. I didn’t see that girl again last night, although I thought she said that she’d be heading out to check it out. She wrote me a few messages in pinyin and then a few more in Chinese characters which I couldn’t read at all. Irene helped me to vaguely translate a few of them. Apparently before leaving for the club just after 10pm she sent me a text message in Chinese which was a traditional Chinese poem. Weird.

Apparently our itenerary is undergoing some changes, and we leave for Guanzhou tomorrow, but I’m not sure at what time. We were supposed to go to Kunming next, but evidently we’re switching locations with Tenzin’s group. There’s been some speculation that this is because their group has been substandard thus far, but I won’t really be able to substantiate that until later this afternoon when I give Sacha a call to find out what the deal is.

I’m listening to a DJ Honda mix on my iPod which I got from one of the DVDs that Gutter sent me. It’s actually fantastic, also. A lot of exclusive tunes, including a Biz Markie freestyle where he’s rhyming about Tokyo and Honda. Time to walk back to the hotel, we’re heading out to eat and then set up equipment in just a few minutes.