Natooke Bicycle

After waiting five weeks for construction of the aluminum frame, I’ve taken possession of my new bike.

Built by master bikesmiths Jacob Klink and Larry Adamson at Natooke Chengdu. Some notes:

  • Aluminum frame like my last bike, custom built by Natooke. Their brand is called Flying Banana. The dimensions of this frame are 62 centimeters – it’s a large bike (62cm is the distance of the seat tube, from the center of the bottom bracket to the top of the seat tube). The frame color is midnight blue, Pantone #2748
  • The wheel set is higher quality and significantly lighter than on my last bike. It’s incredibly lightweight. Thin profile rims plus honeywall tires give it a vintage look
  • The seat is a Brooks B17, a handmade leather seat imported from the U.K. The grips on the handlebar are also Brooks
  • Like my last bike, this one is fixed gear, specifically a 4617 – the “magic” gear that many fixed gear cyclists prefer

I love it to death. Big thanks to Jacob and Larry at Natooke Chengdu.