I’ve been reading a lot about this place and can’t wait to go. My priority this fall is to see as much of Sichuan province as possible – a beautiful region which I’ve barely seen, despite having lived in the capitol for over a year. There are a number of places that I’m interested in going (Jiuzhaigou, Kanding, Dege), but 4 Girl Mountain is one I’ve been reading and learning about recently.

Four Girl Mountain gets its name from a famous local legend. It is said that the place was once hard-hit by chilling northern winds, which devastated the locals’ livelihoods.

One day, four sisters from some remote southern region turned into four mountains to shield the place from the northerly attacks. The area then became warm and sunlit, with rich harvests of grains and fruits. In honor of the four sisters’ great deed, local people named the mountains after them. The tallest peak is over 6,000m high and has never been climbed! Seems like a great surrounding area to hike and camp. I’ll just post some photos-