The Beatles – Birthday

Well, it is finally here. Can’t say that I haven’t been looking forward to this day, with the DJ Krush gig coming on the same day by incredible coincidence. I think this will be one to remember. Here’s how I’m planning it to go down:

  • Take a shower
  • Get dimsum brunch at the Shangrila┬áin Chengdu at 11:30
  • Chill out in a coffee shop with Apricot after eating lots of delicious food
  • Walk over to the Buddhist temple in Chengdu, Wenshu Yuan, and meditate
  • Head over to a watch shop in the North of the city and pick up a watch that I’ve been eyeing for a while (a Hamilton). My first real (swiss movement) watch
  • Come home and prepare for my set tonight
  • Go to sound check at Xiong Mao and bring my MPC, meet DJ Krush and get my MPC-2000XL signed (the other side is signed by DJ Shadow when I opened for him 2 months ago)
  • Get a massage and eat dinner
  • Pick up new Disco Death t-shirts, white logo on black shirt
  • Kill it at Xiong Mao
  • Watch DJ Krush kill it even harder
  • ?
  • Sleep

By the way, I came into my birthday at midnight this morning getting a massage. I feel truly fortunate for all the great things in my life.

I’ll leave it with the flyer for tonight…

DJ Krush Chengdu

One of the biggest DJ shows in Chengdu, ever: DJ Krush on Dec. 2, 2011