I’m waiting behind the booth at tonights club with not much to do. Now is the time that I would be writing in my physical journal, but for some odd reason there are a pair of computers back here with internet access. I think the Chinese equivalent of Kazaa is running here and downloading a long list of Chinese MP3s. Oh, I’m in Wenzhou now. Somewhere south of Shanghai.

The plan has changed slightly. Instead of all of us performing together at the same clubs in sequence (Kim and Kim do their dance, Kim does his fire dance, Vivian plays her violin to techno, Bei Bei sings her songs, and I DJ), they split us up so we’re in different clubs. I’m here with Bei Bei and Vivian while the Kims are at some other club.

Evidently there are a lot of clubs in Wenzhou, between our two groups we’re hitting 30-something clubs here in a short period of time. Coors will BE SO POWERFUL IN WENZHOU by the time we leave.

I got some more photos printed today. They’re excellent and they’re sitting in my photo album with their new friends. I printed some older flyer designs that I made years ago to put in a special design section of the album. They’re all 4×6″ designs so they fit nicely. My favorite one is the one for The Players Ball that was modelled after a pack of Phillies. Fond memories of that place and the mojitos and summer nights I enjoyed there a few years back.

While I was on the train I wrote 22 postcards. That’s a personal record for me. I think the old record was maybe 4 postcards in one day. I can’t wait to see the look I get at the post office when I mail them off. I’m certain that a few of the recipients will be properly surprised to get a postcard from China; a lot of them I haven’t spoken to in a long time. Kim and I found a place to print stickers before leaving Zhuhai. He printed stickers of photos he took of his graffiti and I made a design similar to the back of my buisness card to promote myself. We’re both sticking them all over the place.

Tomorrow is the first payday, finally. I don’t plan on taking any of the money out, but it’ll be nice to know that it’s there. For about two months I’ve taken on the responsibility of replenishing my financial cushion. Ironically it’s much easier for me to do here since my living costs are so low. Whereas in America I would spend probably 60-75% of my income on living costs and associated fees, I probably don’t even spend half that here, with my rent being 1/5th what it was in Venice Beach and food being dirt cheap.