One of my most-cherished tools on my iPhone is an app called Pocket, which collects all of the web-based content that I read. ┬áIf you don’t use Pocket or aren’t aware of it, here’s how it works:

  1. While you’re browsing the web (or Reddit, RSS, Facebook, Twitter, etc) and find an article that you’re interested in reading, add it to your Pocket.
  2. Open the Pocket app on your phone or tablet and all of the articles that you earmarked are there, and automatically formatted for reading. Advertisements and other annoyances are automatically eliminated.

I have become so reliant on this tool that I almost never read an entire article as I find it. I add everything to Pocket, which means there are now two distinct phases of digesting content: finding the articles I want to read, and then reading them.

What’s really amazing, and what I didn’t know until recently, is how much I’m actually using Pocket.

Pocket 2014 stats

I recommend getting Pocket on your phone or tablet. It’s a major convenience for sorting through the massive amount of content that we face everyday on social networks and content aggregators.