Friday night I met with a large handful of old friends at Dr Dremos, just as we had done a year and a half previously before I left DC for Los Angeles. I didn’t get to spend a lot of time talking to many people there, but it was a blast to be around the people who used to play such a big part in my life.

We ordered one pitcher after another of exotic domestic beer (Purple Haze and Brooklyn Brown come to mind) and talked about the events of the last 18 months of our lives. I can’t great it is to catch up with friends after a year of not seeing them at all. After spending a few hours at Dr Dremos we went to check out Buzz at Nation for the last time together. Buzz, for those who don’t know, is the most legendary and long-standing club night in DC history. For almost the last ten years the same party has been at the same venue in SE DC, an infamous venue called Nation.

This summer it’ll be torn down to make room for new development, which will dramatically change the face of nightlife in Washington. Most clubs have moved to nicer areas in the Northwest quadrant of the city while Nation has managed to maintain success in the heart of the ghetto of the nations capitol. From the balcony at Nation you have a great view of the capitol building which you can’t see from any other clubs I’ve ever been to around here, ironically. I share countless memories of that venue with most of my friends, and I think that even though we rarely (if ever) go there anymore, we’ll all be a little sad to see it finally go. I don’t think any of us can say that we didn’t spend enough time there, though. Here’s a photo from Buzz on Friday: